look like be an absolute super-hero to your prospective clients by answering one single question

there truly is one (seemingly) simple question you need to answer.

And when you provide the right 'answer' (we'll get back to why 'answer' is in quotes shortly) ...

... it's a million times more valuable than any 'free 7 biggest-mistakes'-report, info-graphic, free webinar, video, or insight you could ever provide.

(or even the proverbial farm you could give away for free just to prove to your prospective clients that you deliver quality work)

To understand, what this question is about, have a look at the following definition of the strange sounding term 'self-efficacy':

self-efficacy: belief in one's ability to succeed

Remember the 'real people who face real problems and they want real solutions that work for them'?

And how they've struggled, and been disappointed (too) many times?

Well, 'self-efficacy' - and the question that goes with it is all about 

The one question that rules them all:
"Is this going to work for me?"

Here's why self-efficacy is more important than anything else:

One of the biggest studies on 'behaviour-change' ...

(we are talking SERIOUS issues, life-changing stuff - where often it's a case of 'change or die' ... and still people don't manage to change!) ...

... by Prochaska et al, found that

'self-efficacy' (the belief that the plan you have is actually going to work for you) is ...

The #1 biggest difference between success and failure!

When someone else tells you: "this is going to work for you" ... there's very little 'self-efficacy' (belief).

and hence very little chance of you achieving your desired goals!

But when YOU come up with the plan, you know what to expect, you know how to deal with things ...

... then you truly BELIEVE that this [thing] is going to work for you.

And then, and only then do you have a real chance of succeeding.

Everything else is wishful thinking, make-belief, or pure exploitation & manipulation by others.

And that's why it is

Your #1 job when 'marketing & selling': get guide your prospective clients to 'self-efficacy'

If you manage to put everything in place your prospective clients need to truly believe ...


... not because you manipulated them, painted pleasing pictures (whilst glossing over the pitfalls), or got them 'imagining a glorious future' ...

... but instead by seeing the world from their perspective, appreciating the difficulties in moving forward, and actually HELPING them come up with a plan they can believe in ...

... then you will never, ever have to do any selling again!

Now,  in practice, true self-efficacy, true 'belief' depends on all kinds of factors.

And that's the reason why at the top of the page 'answer' was in quotes:

The 'answer' you give, comes in all kinds of guises:

People may need a straight answer to a specific question,...

... but more often than not, they may need to

  • become aware of something they weren't aware of before
  • eliminate some 'blind spots' (the things they didn't know they didn't know)
  • get some 'things into place'
  • check
    get a shift in perspective
  • check
    get some help with self-belief (after all: if you've failed often enough, self-belief isn't going to be particularly high)

... the list goes on.

and that's why at the top of the page it says:

One seemingly simple question.

In practice, it does have quite a few dimensions to it.

The good news is:

these different aspects of 'the one question that rules them all' are rather predictable, and you can answer this question in a systematic way:

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