How to attract your ideal & pre-qualified clients

Why is it so hard to attract pre-qualified clients?

Why do people sayI’m not interested (or just ignore your ads or website) ... before they’ve even heard what you bring to the table?

And even if you’re lucky enough to get someone’s attention, …

Why do you then encounter all kinds of smoke-screen objections ...

... or end up in "closing battles" that inevitably lead to rebates, discounts and other tactics that eat into your bottom line?

Well the short answer is:

Because they're
skeptical as F#$%

As Hillary Weiss observes in her fabulous article “8 observations from a crumbling niche” (read it, it’s worth your while!)

“consumers are getting wise much faster! … Consumers are ever-more discerning, and it’s costing marketers BIG MONEY because they’re not paying attention, or don’t know how to react.”


Because as Weiss observes:

“…Multiple similar programs launch simultaneously, and you’re constantly inundated with affiliate programs, opt-in gifts, funnels, Facebook group invites, ads, retargeting campaigns, webinars, challenges, master classes, and emails, emails, emails day in, day out.”

That’s why it’s so hard!

(if you still haven’t read Hillary’s post, do so now!)

The big picture is this:

In today's fast-moving, attention-starved world ...

... the recipe for being welcomed with open arms is this:

Step #1: You Pay attention - you listen

Then listen some more.

Mostly you listen because you give a damn, not because you’re looking for a chink in their armor so you can sell your stuff.

Because when you listen properly, ...

step #2: You learn to react the right way: Give answers that are relevant to your prospects.

Not plug’n play, ready-made ‘funnels’, ...

... then cross your fingers that ‘statistically speaking’ enough will ‘bite’.

It’s no longer a ‘numbers game’!

You better be in this game because you care and you’re willing to build personal relationships.

Otherwise your chances of success are thin – razor thin!

And above all:

step #3: provide value for the right reasons!

As Gary Vaynerchuck says:

"Giving (value) and expecting something in return is MANIPULATION!

 if you want to 'overcome' skepticism, you better learn to give value for the right reasons.  

The good news is:

  • it's  straightforward to do when you listen and give a damn, and
  • there's something far more valuable than 'giving away the farm for free'! (hint: it's got to do with the step #2 above)

Well, easier said than done, right?

All that marketing-BS you’re being taught out there ...

(“product launches", ... usingexploiting hardwired responses like urgency, scarcity, bonuses, ... opt-in giftsbribes, ... (fake live) webinars, ...)

doesn’t really show you how to listen, give REAL answers and provide value.

At least not value as truly perceived (and appreciated!) from the perspective of your prospective client.

If you’ve ever struggled with 

well, and what do I actually say or write in my ad/on my website/in my blog-post/emails/ ....” 


well, what do I give away in my optin-gift?” 

then that's a clear symptom that ...

the tools you're using are aimed at persuading, not at understanding!

So, if you want to stop using 'persuasion tools' ...

... and instead figure out what's truly attractive to your prospective clients ...

... so they're no longer skeptical, but instead are happy to engage in a genuine conversation?

then click here to continue ...

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